United States Online Casino Gaming

For many years, all forms of online gambling were illegal for any resident within the United States. However, the laws have recently changes and players who reside in the country have some options that were not available in the past. Most players who had an interest in online gambling will have heard of UIGEA, which was an Act that was passed to prevent players from gambling online. What this actually did was not make gambling illegal. Instead, it prevented US players from using major credit cards and other payment methods to fund any account in an online casino, making it almost impossible to play real money games in off shore sites.

In the past few years, this has drastically changed as certain states within the country have started to legalize online gambling. However, only residents of those states can play at the sites and they are not open to all residents. At this time, there are just a few states that have operating online casinos and poker rooms. All other states are still limited in how players can gamble online, or if they even can gamble online at all.

As more states start to regulate gambling laws pertaining to online gambling, more and more US players will have options to play online. This will also affect the current gambling laws as they will have to be lifted or altered to allow players to conduct their real money transactions online.

The US online gambling laws were known to be among the strictest in the world and players from the US had a very difficult time playing online. While there were hundreds of sites that would accept a player from the US, very few offered banking options that would be of any use. Players were able to make deposits, but could not find a way to legally withdraw their winnings from an online casino. Now, these laws are changing and more players are finding legal sites right in the US hat offer amazing poker games and online casino gambling action.