South African Online Casino Gaming

South Africa is one of the countries in the world that have strict laws in place that pertain to the act of gambling in an online casino. The country will not regulate any online casino or offer a gambling license within the country. While this may appear that online gambling activities are illegal, there are still ways for players to enjoy an array of online games and play for real money. Even though there are no operating online casinos within the country, there are many off shore online casinos that are licensed and will gladly accept those real money players from South Africa. With these laws in place there have never been any fines or punishments issued to individual players but the government does not support any online gambling activities.

Since players will have to find an off shore online casino, there are a number of things to consider. One is the legality of the casino site itself. Players must ensure the site is licensed and regulated, offering legal gambling and protection to players who wager real money. South African players will also want to ensure that the casino will process all deposits and withdrawals in South African Rand, the major currency of the country. Doing so will eliminate the need for money conversions and will make transactions easier. Players will also want to make sure of the banking options that are available as they cannot all be used by players from this location.

Despite the efforts of the government to control online gambling players still have the ability to visit any off shore casino and play the games offered for money. There has been talk about reviewing the current laws and possibly licensing some true South African casinos, but as of now, these players do not have any operating site in SA, so they have to continue to enjoy the games offered from sites that are located in other countries where online gambling is completely legal and allowed by the governments.